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The Jarrow Lass

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Janet MacLeod Trotter

Janet MacLeod Trotter

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The Jarrow Lass

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1906, The Ravensworth Arms, Lamesley, Gateshead.

Kate Fawcett, a barmaid, fell into the arms of a mysterious stranger and conceived an illegitimate child.

The child grew up to be Dame Catherine Cookson OBE.

Heavy with the shameful sin that a child out of wedlock would bring to her family, Kate agreed that her mother would bring Catherine up as her own. This book tells Rose's story.

The story is set in the 1870s on Tyneside. She is brought up in her parents smallholding in Jarrow but dreams of the world beyond the grime of the town, a world she glimpsed at a fairytale wedding on the Ravensworth Estate during a visit to her grandmother.

Marriage brings a beautiful home and a brood of daughters but heartache and poverty are just waiting around the corner.

Reviewers Comments:

I have been just as 'riveted' as I was with 'A Child of Jarrow' and have been unable to resist picking the book up in any spare moment I have had and had difficulty putting it down again. I have just finished 'The Jarrow Lass' and I feel I must read 'A Child of Jarrow' again. What fantastic books, I enjoyed every part of them both - and was almost transported in to that time and place as I read, it's as though the pages come alive.
M.C., Yorkshire.

A powerful novel of passion and heartache inspired by the life of Catherine Cookson’s grandmother. Janet MacLeod Trotter’s poignant, compelling family drama is based on the life of Catherine Cookson’s grandmother. Totally engrossing and vividly bringing to life the time and place, it is sure to appeal to all Catherine’s fans.
World Books

A real weepy tale - So much goes wrong for Rose in this story - inspired by the life of Catherine Cooksons grandmother - the book should be sold with a complimentary box of tissues.
Sandra Jury.

Readers Comments:

Dear Janet, I have just finished reading "The Jarrow Lass", I couldn't put it down, it was nice to read a book with hardly any bad language and no graphic sex details in. I have picked up from my local Public Library "Child of Jarrow" and I cannot wait to start reading it.
Thank you for a wonderful read and a gruelling insight to history, (made me appreciate what I have got in my life).
S Fellows

I live in North Shields so I'm not far from Jarrow! I hadn't read a book for a couple of years, at least not fiction, too busy working. However, my cousin gave me your book to read (The Jarrow Lass) and I just couldn't put it down, you must be sick of hearing this I bet. What a marvellous creative writer you are!! I do hope you write a sequel to this book and let everyone know how kate and Alexander got along.

Very best wishes to you Janet!!

Hi Janet, I've just finished reading your latest book, the Jarrow Lass and thought it was excellent. Like all your books I enjoyed it immensely.

I can't wait for the next one!
Mrs. Bell - Northumberland.

Dear Janet,

Please advise when this book will be available in Australia.

I have just finished reading A Jarrow Lass and thoroughly enjoyed it, I had a look on the net as I was sure there would be a sequel to A Jarrow Lass and was elated when I found A Child of Jarrow, I rushed out to my local library but they do not have it, I would greatly appreciate it if you can let me know if and when it is going to be available in Australia. Thank you
Carmen Olson - Australia

Dear Janet,

My penpal, Olive Taylor from Newcastle-upon-Tyne sent me your book "The Jarrow Lass" for my birthday in July. I finished reading it recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me laugh, it made me cry.
Cora Doucette - Canada

'Since I read your Jarrow Lass I meant to write and say how much I appreciated it. It's really excellent. I found it most impressive. You are a wonderful champion for the courage of the people of the North East. Thank you so much. And may you write many more sagas as challenging and enthralling!'
C.C. - Durham.

"I thought the book was wonderful and could not put it down."
B.W. - Leeds

‘I loved the Jarrow Lass - felt like a fly on the wall of all the characters’ walls. Cost me a fortune in packets of biscuits and crisps. Look forward to reading more.’
J.B. - via internet

'Your research for the book is fantastic - it was such a good read I could not put it down, the local history was excellent.'
S.S. - via internet

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